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Born to Overcome is a product of the author's curiosity on the challenges as a phenomenon of life. The first revealed truth that challenges of life are common to all men led to a deeper meditation and revelation.

Almost all people who have experienced outstanding successes have grappled with some difficult challenges on their paths to the top. In this book are deep biblical truths and real life experiences of some of the greatest men and women in the past and present generations who against all odds fought their way to significance. People like Mary Ashley Kay, the first woman to build a global corporation; Steve Jobs, the first co-founder of the most profitable corporations in the world; Wilma Rudolph, the first woman to win three athletics Gold medals in one Olympics; Albert Eistein, the great genius and Nobel laureate; David Yongi Cho, the founder and Pastor of the biggest church in the world, etc.

Mary Kay faced some gender discrimination, Steve Jobs was disowned by his parents and given up for adoption from infancy; Wilma had polio from infancy and wore leg braces until age 9 and Eistei the great genius did not speak till he was 4 and did not read until he wa 7! These and many other real life experiences and biblical truths about overcoming our challenges are the subject of this book. May the truth from this book give you total victory from your challenges in Jesus name.

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